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Benefits of ZOVY Z-Hub:


Sync files
to & from any device

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In today’s business environment, files need to be accessible to employees, whether they are on-the-go or in the office. With Zovy Z-Hub, files can be synced to and from any device. Laptops, desktops, tablets, mobile devices – now your latest data can be automatically synced safely and securely from anywhere.


Use Case: Auto-sync the latest version of your presentation from your laptop to your tablet to finish on the train to your meeting.


Share protected files
(passwords & expirations) with anyone


Rapidly share files of any-size with anyone. Whether you need to share files with coworkers or with someone outside of your organization – such as a customer, partner or vendor – files can quickly be shared via email or direct link. Passwords and expiration dates can seamlessly be added to increase security to make sure only the intended recipient can view the file for an allotted period of time.

Use Case: Send a massive video file regarding an upcoming partnership announcement to your partner for approval without waiting around for slow uploads/downloads caused by other sharing methods.


Flexible User Interface with desktop sync, drag-and-drop & file select

With Zovy Z-Hub’s intuitive user-interface, your employees will be able to start using the platform immediately – no training needed. Familiar drag and drop, file select and automatic folder syncing features are all available.

Use Case: An employee who wants to have all of her latest files available to access on-the-go can setup automatic synchronization, so all (or select) folders on her computer are instantly updated to Zovy Z-Hub when she saves them to her laptop and instantly available to be accessed, edited and shared on any of her devices.

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Team collaboration
with version control


Collaboration with Zovy Z-Hub is simple and secure. Permission to access a file can be directly given to any or all users within a company, or files can be sent to anyone outside of the organization (to partners, vendors, suppliers, etc.) for collaboration. With version control, users can see and edit the latest update from their team and have the ability to modify the file without the risk of destroying the file. Even if a team member deletes a file, the owner retains full version control and can recover the team’s work.

Use Case: Your team of five employees and two partners need to review and approve a contract. The owner of the file can quickly upload a draft and add permission for all five internal employees to access and edit the file, as well as grant permission to the two external partners to collaborate with the team within Zovy Z-Hub. The owner of the file can view a history of all file updates and receive notification once the entire team has reviewed the contract.   


Secure U.S. Only Hosted data centers with geographic redundancy

With Zovy Z-Hub, your data is guaranteed to be stored in our secure U.S. only data centers and there is no uncertainly as to the location of your data. Your data is secure and protected at all times in a single-tenant environment with the highest levels of security (SOC 2 Type II certified and SSAE16 audited data centers).

Use Case: Your organization is under pressure to comply with numerous legal regulations and executive mandates that require data remain in the U.S. With Zovy Z-Hub, you can 100% guarantee all parties that you data is secured within U.S. borders (unlike other hosted solutions that commonly store data outside of the U.S. to save money).

Encrypted Data centers with virus protection

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Zovy Z-Hub data centers use state-of-the-art 256-bit AES data encryption technology to protect your hosted data at all times. Anti-virus scans also add an increased layer of data protection.

Use Case: Confidential documents need to be shared among employees. The documents contain vital IP that cannot be shared outside of the organization. The powerful encryption provided by Zovy Z-Hub protects hosted confidential documents from winding up in the wrong hands.

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Direct email
client integration (Office 365, Gmail, Exchange)

With Zovy Z-Hub, all of your email accounts can be accessed in one central web-based location. Whether it’s Office 365, Gmail, Exchange or another email client, users can automatically connect to all their email accounts and get one consolidated view within Zovy Z-Hub. This makes sharing files ever simpler, as everything can be done in one central location.

Use Case: One of your employees forgot to send a critical contract to a vendor before going on vacation. With Zovy Z-Hub, he can login remotely from his tablet, immediately access the file and securely send it to the vendor, all without leaving Zovy Z-Hub.


Ability to
undelete files


The ability to undelete allows the file owner to get back anything that users delete and maintain control in a collaborative environment. A full audit statement of file history is available to the file owner and the owner can quickly restore a file that may have been accidentally deleted by a team member.

Use Case: A team is working on finishing a presentation for an upcoming event. One of the team members deletes the latest version of the file from Zovy Z-Hub. The file contained hours of updates by various team members. The owner of the file has the ability to undelete and restore the file within Zovy Z-Hub.


Integrated native
file viewer

There is no need to leave Zovy Z-Hub to view a file. With a built-in native file viewer, documents can be reviewed without the need to open the native app allowing your team to be productive on any device.

Use Case: A team member on-the-go needs to review files from his iPhone. Within Zovy Z-Hub he can review and approve the files without the need to have specific apps on his iPhone.


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Why No-Cost?

Maintaining control of enterprise data and how employees are using enterprise data is a major problem organizations face today. Zovy believes data governance and data security are vital to every organization - big or small. 

The first step to accomplishing the task of protecting, securing and optimizing enterprise data is to gain control of employees and how they are using and sharing enterprise data. Zovy Z-Hub offers a no-cost solution to help organizations take the first step in the right direction.

By taking this first step, Zovy believes organizations will be in a better position to understand the true value and importance of data governance and continue to make the right decisions to further data governance within their organizations.